Review: Saga, Volume 1

Saga, Volume 1

Title: Saga, Volume 1
Author: Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples
Published: October 23rd 2012 by Image Comics
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Synopsis: When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe.

I’ve never read nor loved anything quite like Saga. I can’t even begin to describe the weirdness of this book and how much I whole heartedly enjoyed reading it but Saga deserves all the stars I can give possibly give it.

From the first page I knew I was going to enjoy this series, it just made me laugh out loud and it maintained that humour throughout. It’s so incredibly fun to read but I still feel fear and nervousness for the characters and the perils they face. It’s so easy to be attached to Marko, Alana and their baby. I loved Alana’s fierceness and her no bullshit attitude as well as Marko’s mellowness, emotional sensitivity and beast like badassery when it came to protecting his family. I enjoyed the love and loyalty they have for each other and their strong resolve to fight for their desires. Even in the fucked up galaxy of this series there’s much truth and realism to their relationship and how they deal with now having to care for a child. I couldn’t help but root for them.

This series is just bursting with madness, there is so much different characters I can’t help but be awestruck every few pages. The artwork is so beautiful and vivid and wonderful to look at without it ever being horribly overwhelming. It brings so much life to the writing and story. The worlds are built so fascinatingly, things pulled right out of the brain of someone on an acid trip. Crazy, weird, creepy, violent and just awesome.

It’s is simply about star crossed lovers Alana and Marko finding safety for their child in one hell of galactic war zone but there’s so much waiting to be explored as well; the prejudices between planets, the other equally as awesome characters, the adventures of this family and how they will impact on the war. Just get wrapped up in the brilliantly messed up worlds and be surprised like I was. You won’t regret it.

5 Stars

4 thoughts on “Review: Saga, Volume 1”

  1. Cayce

    I’ve seen this book around, but wasn’t sure whether I’d enjoy it or not, but… now I think I would. :) In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d love Saga. It really sounds like my kind of story – funny, fucked up and heartfelt. And I just love stories where the woman is more badass while the man is more mellow. Also, the backdrop; the “messed up world” sounds intriguing as well.
    Beautiful review!

    • Isa

      You should definitely read it. There are few manga/graphic novels that I get hooked on because it is so much fun to read. It’s just one of those series that makes me feel lighter and happier. 😀

  2. Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies

    I love Saga! I’ve read volumes 1 & 2… and I’m dying for more! I love Alana and Marko, and the world-building, and all of the secondary characters… and Lying Cat! Awesome.

    • Isa

      It is SO good. I’ve been pushing so many of my friends to read it. LOL I love Lying Cat and The Will, their partnership is one of the most hilarious, awesome things I’ve ever read about.

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