Changes Everywhere

Shubh Divali

Shubh Divali to all my visitors and your family. May the darkness be removed and all evil banished with the presence of Mother Lakshmi in your home and hearts.

I’m currently taking a quick break from the kitchen preparations to give you a quick update on things. I graduated yesterday with a Bsc. in Environmental Resource Management and Biology. It was a long three years, a lot of that time was spent idle and curled up with books or marathoning an anime or clicking load on the next episode of some korean drama while the rest of my time was spent in panic over the quickly approaching dreaded deadlines and cramming for exams and crying over my procrastination problem.

Besides the friends I made and the memories I share with them, university was bland in comparison to what people described. It was hectic, boring, unorganised and in no way do I believe my best years were spent there. I’m currently working as an office assistant, reaching two hours before my shift to read books and browse tumblr, I spend my hours photocopying, running around delivering documents, organising files and quietly observing the drama in my department. It can be quite dull at times but I really like the people and its close to home. I also got my vehicle on Tuesday so that means less traveling and walking to places my family and I want to visit though I do enjoy walking. I’ve just got to practice driving often so it becomes second nature.

With all the recent changes, my blogging has taken a back burner but then I noticed that my site was down for a while. With the absence of my book blog I felt the urge to make a hundred different changes and vowed to write posts more frequently and interact more often with people, I just really missed this place. Just knowing it exist is comforting. So while I may not commit to those vows for very long I’d still like to be more active here. This is the one corner of my life where I don’t feel pressure and I’m doing what I love, its familiar and I really need that familiarity at the moment.

I’ve got a few draft reviews written up and I’m trying to wrap up whatever challenges I’m taking part in. I’m currently reading The Raven Boys, I love these characters so much. From the moment Blue was described as vain for wearing fraying gloves in cold weather, the only witness to her fashion statement being herself and her aunt, I knew I was going to love this book. It was such an odd indicator that the Raven Boys is a must have book. Maggie Stiefvater’s writing flows so seamlessly and is beautiful.

Here’s to hoping I can be more productive and see my projects to completion. I’m off to finish The Raven Boys now. Happy reading! :)

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  1. Cayce

    Welcome back, Isa!! It’s really good to see you posting again :)

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